Smart Governance

Surfacing the Organization’s fragilities

Most Human beings will avoid at all costs anything that might expose their weak spots.

Organizations, which represent human beings as a collective, manifest a tendency to resist surfacing these soft spots, weaknesses, inefficiencies, choosing to coexist with these as long as it is bearable and no one makes it public.

We think that this is a mistake.

The longer you take to find out you have a problem, a vulnerability, an inefficiency,… the longer you will continue to allow the bleeding to occur through it.

Even worst is if your competitors learn about it before you do… Ouch.

Be brave, don’t avoid but do face the truth, the sooner the better – at least, not being ignorant, you’ll be able to do something about it.

Surfacing weaknesses on a paper pushing system is a daunting task, but a Smart Governance system can quickly expose these and allow you to start your change management towards a more sustainable Organization.

Be brave, be bold 🙂