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Can you code? We have more coding to do!

20150703194200 - weHiringWant to make the World a better place?

You have a better chance at that if you empower those steering Organizations, those leading, by giving them better tools to do their job better. If they’re better at deciding, Organizations get better outcomes, and that is likely to result in more jobs, more wealth, more sustainability, more transparency and accountability. Start with the Leaders.

We’re hiring SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS for our SMART GOVERNANCE team based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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In case you didn’t knew already, a Software Developer makes software for the world to use. The work of a Software Developer includes researching, designing, coding, implementing, and testing software. A Software Developer will likely take part in design, implementing proof of concepts, computer programming and participate on the management of the projects to see them to fruition.

This person job is to work solo or in team to develop competitive and performant code that provides quality with the best modern user experience – contributing with wit, craftsmanship and engineering skills to augment and continuously evolve our SMART GOVERNANCE.

The primary role of the Software Developer is to design, plan, develop and implement software that performs with quality and delivers a modern experience to its users, enhancing and augmenting the product to make it competitive and attractive.


  • Understanding about scalability, software engineering, and algorithms;
  • Strong knowledge of C# and SQL, HTML5, CSS and JAVASCRIPT (JQuery, etc.);
  • Knowledge on how to develop and implement SharePoint and Office 365 solutions;
  • Quality driven commitment and fanatical focus on delivering impressive UX;
  • Ability to work in a team or sprint solo.

Creativity and an excellent comprehension of software solutions, both on technical and functional topics, are important required skills.
Ability to fluently speak, read and write Portuguese (Portugal) and English.

To apply, please reach out to us on and let us know how you feel you can help and why you’d fit the requirements.
Don’t forget to attach your Curriculum vitæ – really.

SMART GOVERNANCE enables hierarchical decision-making ecosystems and corporate governance models to be rendered agile and modern, by empowering hierarchical ranks and their processes, committees and boards.

“If you believe the purpose in life is to only serve yourself, then you have no purpose.”


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