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We’re hiring: Executive Support Officer

Executive Support Officer

We’re hiring for our Lisbon, Portugal office team.

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Role description

The Executive Support Officer purpose is to be responsible for the provision of confidential secretarial, administrative support and event/project based services that contribute to achieving the business goals and the effective management of the company, while freeing Management Execs and Operational teams from these tasks to focus on pursuing the collective success.

If you’ve seen the tv show Suits, the personality, intellect and work ethics of someone like Donna Paulsen and Gretchen Bodinski.

Reporting and Working Relationships

The Executive Support Officer is responsible for providing executive support to the Partners and Senior Leadership Team plus other administrative duties as required.

The Executive Support Officer also liaises frequently with other employees within the company, as well as other external entities.


  • Work in a debt-free, solid, Founder lead company;
  • Relaxed & informal office environment;
  • Access to latest technology in a tech culture, as geek as it can get;
  • Direct contact with senior team;
  • Being part of an international strategy.

Skills and know-how requirements

The Executive Support Officer should be competent in:

  • Communicating clearly, both verbally and in writing, in a professional environment.
  • Developing and maintaining sound working relationships with people at all levels and maintaining confidentiality in dealing with issues of a sensitive or personal nature.
  • Contributing to a relaxed and healthy work environment.
  • Working autonomously, use sound judgement and set priorities to achieve business objectives and deadlines, particularly whilst working under pressure or when supporting staff abroad.
  • Providing confidential executive assistance and administrative support services to Partners and Senior Management.
  • Using proficiently Microsoft Office software (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Conducting efficient office management and administrative procedures, practices and managing records.
  • Communicating proficiently Portuguese and English both verbally and in writing.
  • Pursuing and ensuring meeting scheduling for Partners and Senior Management with external entities.

Typical work activities and responsibilities of the Executive Support Officer

  • Support Business Development initiatives, procedures and document authoring.
  • Deliver high standard executive support to the Partners and Senior Leadership Team, including daily calendar management and associated activities, coordination and control of meetings, agendas, documentation authoring and preparation.
  • Administrative support to other employees in co-working scenarios, including researching and drafting responses to customer queries, provide advice on administrative standards and procedures, setup itineraries, logistics, travel and accommodation.
  • Develop, implement and maintain effective and confidential office management practices, procedures and standards.
  • Maintain a confidential filling system and effective management of records.
  • Undertake assigned complex administrative projects and tasks that require the development and achievement of objectives.
  • Ensure highest standards of customer service to our customers and other external entities.

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