Academic Research, Smart Governance


On June 12th, Nova SBE and CAVEDIGITAL signed an Academic Research Partnership to study the short, medium and long-term impacts of SMART GOVERNANCE in customers and how these organizations are being impacted with the adoption of leading corporate governance practices.

The partnership between these two institutions leverages on the common shared-values of innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, continuous improvement and lead practices on corporate governance and digital transformation, and Nova SBE’s Consultancy Labs capabilities.

2017 - SG NOVA SBE - signing


SMART GOVERNANCE is a software product, developed by CAVEDIGITAL, which renders entire decision-making ecosystems paperless and agile.

Out-of-box, this includes all hierarchical decision-making processes and the corporate governance processes (committee meetings, leadership team meetings, board of directors meetings, and other corporate governance meetings) – all in one streamlined process, and on a single platform. When proposals achieve a decision, these can then be forwarded for execution to the relevant stakeholders in the organization.

Additionally, multi-organizational decision-making ecosystems are also supported (e.g.: parent company and subsidiaries, city council and city agencies, ministry and government agencies, etc.).

SMART GOVERNANCE helps organizations implement lead practices on their decision-making processes, while empowering with collaboration and still being able to handle a high volume of complex hierarchical and corporate governance structures.

Also, achieving transparency, compliance, auditability and accountability is key so these organizations are not opaque to their Leadership Teams, who gain access to real time information and agile cross-organization processes.

For a quick product overview, please refer to this short video presentation:
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Consulting Labs offer companies the opportunity of working with students graduating from Nova SBE Masters Programs in consulting projects.

Teams of students develop the projects during three months. A Professor with solid consulting experience ensures the project’s quality:

  • Defining à priori the approach with each client;
  • Recruiting the students through a rigorous process similar to that of a top consulting firm;
  • Supervising the work continuously, with frequent sessions with teams and presence in key interactions with the clients.
  • Focusing on quality, reason why a very limited number of projects is executed each semester.

The Consulting Lab is an opportunity for companies to:

  • Benefit from a consulting service with high quality at very competitive prices;
  • Discover a fertile recruitment ground in NOVA’s talent;
  • Deepen the partnership with NOVA in training of future leaders for our society.

The Consulting Labs are meant for companies that are facing challenges requiring a rigorous, impartial and external perspective, which, if offered by consulting companies would prove too expensive. Our teams, with technical specialized support from NOVA’s Professors and the close coaching from the supervisor, are prepared to develop strategy, operations and organizational projects in different sectors and industries. Our teams, with technical specialized support from NOVA’s Professors and the close coaching from the supervisor, are prepared to develop strategy, operations and organizational projects in different sectors and industries.


Nova SBE (Nova School of Business and Economics) is a leading European school in Economics, Finance, and Management.

This higher education institution offers top ranked Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, MBA, and Executive Education programs, such as the 14th Master in Finance and 17th Master in Management (FT worldwide ranking).

Additionally, Nova SBE is the only academic institution in Portugal holding 5 Eduniversal Palms and the status of Universal Business School with strong global influence.

Nova SBE’s distinctive offer is the result of:

  • Strong international tenure track faculty;
  • Leadership in research;
  • Close corporate and international connections;
  • Emphasis on leading edge issues such as entrepreneurship, innovation and digital transformations.

Being a multicultural school, Nova SBE develops top global talent for companies and entrepreneurship, while achieving 100% placement in 50 countries.

In the short-term, Nova SBE will move to a new spacious and comfortable campus on the Lisbon Coast:

  • Enabling state-of-the-art teaching methods;
  • Motivating interactions;
  • Providing a sea-side lifestyle.


Founded in 2000, CAVEDIGITAL is a software house that has been helping Leadership Teams in enterprises to digitally transform their organizations with SMART GOVERNANCE for more than a decade.

From the get-go, on a XXI century culture, CAVEDIGITAL has been repeatedly awarded as a good practice for Public Administration Modernization and featured in several international events and conferences.

Debt-free and founder led, CAVEDIGITAL operates under high confidential and security standards, while keeping a very low employee turnover, ensuring serious stability and long-term positioning for customers and business partners.

CAVEDIGITAL has registered for the last 3 years an average annual business growth of +30% and its customers collectively employ well over 130 000 people.