Smart Governance

Best. Year. Ever. Again… and Again.

2017 was hard work. It really was. We gave our best.

We’ve visited 50 cities.
We’ve flown more than 300 000 miles.
We’ve grown our team by 60%.
We’ve enrolled more Partners than the year before.
We’ve been crazy about innovation.
We’ve brainstormed 7 times out of 5 working days per week.
We’ve achieved more product releases than the year before.
We’ve deployed more Smart Governance than ever before.
…and by doing so, we’ve continued to impact the lives of even more people than the year before.

Yes, we’ve been busy, we’ve been active, we’ve been passionate and serious about breaking our personal and collective records.
We’re humbled by all your support. We’re humbled and thankful that you’ve been there for us, that you believed in our hard work and ideas.
We’re humbled and thankful that you chose to be part of the Smart Governance family.

2016 had been our best year ever. Had been.

2017 is now our best year ever.

Bring it on 2018.

Happy New Year!