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Geeking with SharePoint @ Channel 9

Our Tech Refresh session, Geeking with SharePoint – a practical approach to the Internet of Things on SharePoint,  is now live on Channel 9 and you can watch it here:
Geeking with SharePoint @Channel 9

In this session, in Portuguese, we share on how we explored several technologies and a siren light to create a system called Shut up, I’m on the phone, with which we try to fix the facts of life of working on an open office 😉

For this session we’ve used:

  • 1 Siren light
  • 1 Raspberry pi2
  • 1 Tupperware
  • 1 Breadboard
  • Several small cables
  • SharePoint on Office 365
  • SharePoint app
  • SharePoint list
  • SharePoint API
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Node.JS
  • Windows Phone app
  • Microsoft Band app
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Service Bus Message Queue
  • Azure SQL
  • Push notifications

We had our fun, now back to work 😉

Partner Program, Smart Governance

North America micro tour

This time we’re visiting the USA and CANADA.

We’ve been having a great week in Miami, FL, where we’ve been visiting and meeting with.

Having a great week in Miami, FL

Next week we’re heading to San Francisco, CA, where we’ll be participating on Microsoft BUILD 2015 and enjoy some time with Partners 🙂

We’ll be at Microsoft BUILD 2015 and enjoy some time with Partners

After San Francisco, we’ll head to Chicago, IL to spread more word on Smart Governance, this time at Microsoft IGNITE – be sure to stop by Booth 17 and ask for Mariana, Daniel and Pedro 🙂
We’re very excited about this event and the fact that we’ll be networking and sharing stories about our Smart Governance product for SharePoint Server (either on premises or in the cloud as IaaS), that also leverages on Office, Skype for Business and Outlook, with a community of 20 000 strong attendees.

At Microsoft IGNITE, be sure to stop by Booth 17 and ask for Mariana, Daniel and Pedro

After Chicago, we’ll have a quick stop in Toronto, ON for some more visiting and meeting.

We’ll have a quick stop in Toronto, ON

In any of these cities and want to learn more about Smart Governance? Reach out to us, we’re friendly and we’re nice people just trying to change the World 🙂

BOARD MEETING Cloud, BOARD MEETING Enterprise, Smart Governance

WANTED: Smart Governance Heroes!

Changing the World by impacting the day to day of leaders and decision makers is a honorable mission that’ll echo through the next generations.

Delivering agility, transparency, efficiency and efficacy that span throughout the entire Organization, while experiencing stories that one day will be worth sharing with your grandchildren, drives your motivation and fuels your actions to push forward.

We’re hiring on our Lisbon office: Smart Governance Business Developer role description

If this appeals to you, send us your CV and your thoughts on why you believe you’re the right person for the job (on a format of your choosing that we must be able to view), both in english, to

We’re looking for someone who wishes to be part of and contribute to this tech endeavour, enrolling on a sustainable team and our collective dream to change the World, one decision at a time.

We’re working with customers in several countries, so travelling will be involved. We’re all here looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

BOARD MEETING Enterprise, Smart Governance

Visiting Nairobi, Kenya with Smart Governance

This week we’re traveling to Nairobi, Kenya to share how Smart Governance can be impactful and drive change on your Organization by rendering decision making processes paperless, modernizing the decision makers’ and board members’ experience and enabling an agile corporate governance practice that involves all stakeholders in the hierarchies to drive healthier results.

If your entire Organization could be way much faster deciding and getting into action, wouldn’t you do it?

BOARD MEETING Enterprise, Smart Governance

The fight for transparency

We often visit customers struggling to keep up with compliance, fighting their way to transparency.

Our words will be blunt and assertive on this topic.

Paper will never allow for true compliance and transparency – it’s impractical.
There are no shortcuts: no Smart Governance, no transparency.

Either you tackle it where it has to be tackled, or you’ll continue to waste time, money and resources… and worse, inhibiting potential.


Enabling a Smart City through Smart Governance

More than ever, competitiveness is of utmost importance for Cities. It is the difference between attracting the right ingredients for an healthy population, thriving economy, or loosing these.

A City must be agile, fast to act, deliver swift reaction when required, sharp and engaging.
A City must be the pulsating living organism that attracts all good that life has to offer to its citizens, a beacon of prosperity and security.

A City must be the living symbol of the potential that each of its citizens can unleash.

Fact is, if you’re lagging on decision making, if you’re not delivering decisions when they’re needed – when you finally do, your actions towards execution will come when it’s too late… and while you keep adding each one of those laggard decisions with their faltering executions happening when relevance is degrading, nothing hurts more the economy of a place than the passage of inconsequent time. While others are going at it and getting to the best piece of the pie.

Ultimately the faster your decision making processes, the better your adaptability ratio is, and hence competitiveness.

So why Smart Governance?

You may throw as much money and resources at it as you wish… if you’re slow deciding, when you finally act the bandwagon has already passed.


Smart City Expo World Congress 2014, Barcelona, Spain

Next week we’ll be re-visiting Barcelona for the Smart City Expo – the key meeting point for experts and leaders of the world’s most innovative cities, companies, research centres, universities and international organisations. 🙂

We’ll be on the Microsoft booth, right in the middle of the exposition area. It’ll be a good opportunity to be with friends again and meet a lot of new people and learn and contribute from and to their experiences.

Our contribution to the event will be on Smart Governance, with Board Meeting Enterprise.

We look forward to connecting with you there 🙂


Visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 4th – 6th November 2014

We’ll be traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 4th of November to the 6th of November 2014 to present Board Meeting Cloud (Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Azure) and Board Meeting Enterprise (Windows 8.1, Office, SharePoint Server, Lync, Outlook, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, On Premises or Private Cloud) at Microsoft Device Day 🙂

Board Meeting Cloud is a self-service agenda management solution with a modern & touch user interface that stores you data geo-redundantly in the Cloud.

Board Meeting Enterprise is an enterprise grade solution that allows the implementation of Smart Governance on large & structured organizations, enabling agility in end-to-end hierarchical decision making workflows (from the hierarchies to the Board), cost cutting while reducing drastically the environmental impact and time consumption on non-value adding tasks. This can be implemented either On Premises, on a Public Cloud Provider or on a Private Cloud Provider.

If you’d like to meet us while we’re there, we still have some slots free for meetings and would very much appreciate that 🙂


Being impactful wherever we can

Besides being in Mexico this week for the Portuguese Deputy Prime Minister trade mission, another team will be visiting Angola for meetings on a project that is rolling out in the region… And it doesn’t stop there.

Amidst their day-to-day work, the rest of our team back home will be participating on a 10km community run to help funding Caritas Portugal, a not-for-profit with a noble cause.

We’re working very hard on changing the World, one Board Meeting at a time, while at the same time having the utmost positive impact on the communities that we’re part of 🙂