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Geeking with SharePoint @ Channel 9

Our Tech Refresh session, Geeking with SharePoint – a practical approach to the Internet of Things on SharePoint,  is now live on Channel 9 and you can watch it here:
Geeking with SharePoint @Channel 9

In this session, in Portuguese, we share on how we explored several technologies and a siren light to create a system called Shut up, I’m on the phone, with which we try to fix the facts of life of working on an open office 😉

For this session we’ve used:

  • 1 Siren light
  • 1 Raspberry pi2
  • 1 Tupperware
  • 1 Breadboard
  • Several small cables
  • SharePoint on Office 365
  • SharePoint app
  • SharePoint list
  • SharePoint API
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Node.JS
  • Windows Phone app
  • Microsoft Band app
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Service Bus Message Queue
  • Azure SQL
  • Push notifications

We had our fun, now back to work 😉

Partner Program, Smart Governance

North America micro tour

This time we’re visiting the USA and CANADA.

We’ve been having a great week in Miami, FL, where we’ve been visiting and meeting with.

Having a great week in Miami, FL

Next week we’re heading to San Francisco, CA, where we’ll be participating on Microsoft BUILD 2015 and enjoy some time with Partners 🙂

We’ll be at Microsoft BUILD 2015 and enjoy some time with Partners

After San Francisco, we’ll head to Chicago, IL to spread more word on Smart Governance, this time at Microsoft IGNITE – be sure to stop by Booth 17 and ask for Mariana, Daniel and Pedro 🙂
We’re very excited about this event and the fact that we’ll be networking and sharing stories about our Smart Governance product for SharePoint Server (either on premises or in the cloud as IaaS), that also leverages on Office, Skype for Business and Outlook, with a community of 20 000 strong attendees.

At Microsoft IGNITE, be sure to stop by Booth 17 and ask for Mariana, Daniel and Pedro

After Chicago, we’ll have a quick stop in Toronto, ON for some more visiting and meeting.

We’ll have a quick stop in Toronto, ON

In any of these cities and want to learn more about Smart Governance? Reach out to us, we’re friendly and we’re nice people just trying to change the World 🙂

BOARD MEETING Enterprise, Partner Program

Partner Readiness initiatives

This has been a busy week for us with the Partner Readiness initiatives.
Today we will be working with our partners in the following regions:

  • Florida and Latin America: VisionInno;
  • Singapore and Malaysia: Kahlakks.

We’re commited and working hard to get the best training and resources to Board Meeting Partners.

With the Partner Kit, we’re empowering Partners with:

  • 2 training modules;
  • Commercial presentation deck and other materials;
  • Demo environment accessible via internet;
  • Proposal template and prescription scenarios;
  • Pre-sales support.

Interested in bringing Board Meeting Enterprise into your region? Reach out to us: