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Smart Governance at Washington, DC next week

We’ll be visiting Washington, DC next week for meetings, from September 25th to the 29th.

If you’d like to learn more about Smart Governance and explore it’s capabilities, reach out to us to schedule an in-person presentation and demonstration by our Founder and Managing Partner while we’re in town.


SMART GOVERNANCE is a software product, developed by CAVEDIGITAL, which renders entire decision-making ecosystems paperless and agile.

Out-of-box, this includes all hierarchical decision-making processes and the corporate governance processes (committee meetings, leadership team meetings, board of directors meetings, and other corporate governance meetings) – all in one streamlined process, and on a single platform. When proposals achieve a decision, these can then be forwarded for execution to the relevant stakeholders in the organization.

Additionally, multi-organizational decision-making ecosystems are also supported (e.g.: parent company and subsidiaries, city council and city agencies, ministry and government agencies, etc.).

SMART GOVERNANCE helps organizations implement lead practices on their decision-making processes, while empowering with collaboration and still being able to handle a high volume of complex hierarchical and corporate governance structures.

Also, achieving transparency, compliance, auditability and accountability is key so these organizations are not opaque to their Leadership Teams, who gain access to real time information and agile cross-organization processes.

For a quick product overview, please refer to this short video presentation:
2017 - SG intro video thumb

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Hello Seattle

We’re on our way to SharePoint Fest Seattle where we’ll be sharing a lot of new product improvements and additions.

Are you attending SPFest Seattle this week? Stop by our booth #304 to say “Hi!”, learn more about Smart Governance and meet our Founder and Managing Partner and our CBDO.

Also, don’t miss our session:

SOL 09- Achieving top to bottom adoption with SharePoint

Pedro Serrano, Smart Goverance by CAVEDIGITAL

In this session, we’ll share our 13 year old, 100% effective so far, approach for top to bottom adoption using SMART GOVERNANCE for SharePoint, enabling the implementation of heavy hierarchical processes and corporate governance structures and unlocking lean decision-making, even for multi-organizational scenarios.

In Seattle and wish to learn more? Don’t be shy and reach out to us – we still have a few free slots in our schedule!

For a quick product overview, please refer to this short video presentation:

2017 - SG intro video thumb

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EUPF United Nations, New York City

blog-PedroAndJoao-EUPF-UN-NYCThis week we’ll be in New York City for the EUPF Seminar at the United Nations and to share on how Smart Governance can help you achieve a lean decision-making ecosystem without sacrificing your hierarchical and corporate governance structures.

We still have some free slots for meeting and demoing during this week, so if you’re interested please click here and let’s try to connect while we’re in NYC 🙂

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2015 Smart Governance Europe micro tour

Pedro and DanielDuring the next three weeks we’ll be touring in Europe to participate in several events and share what an awesome impact Smart Governance can have on your Organization.

From November 9th to 13th we’ll be in Stockholm for the European SharePoint Conference.

On the week of November 16th we’ll be in London for the Business Process Management Forum and in Barcelona for the Smart Cities Expo.

After these, on the week of November 23rd, we’ll be back in London for the Future of Work Summit.

Want to learn more about Smart Governance, the leading corporate governance and hierarchical processes platform for SharePoint Server, reach out to us (click here and don’t be shy). We’d love to share a meal/meet/talk/demo/present while visiting your city 🙂

Let’s change the World, one Smart Governance at a time 😉

P.S.: To our dear friends in the Americas, we’ll be back in December. Stay tuned for more 😉

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Geeking with SharePoint @ Channel 9

Our Tech Refresh session, Geeking with SharePoint – a practical approach to the Internet of Things on SharePoint,  is now live on Channel 9 and you can watch it here:
Geeking with SharePoint @Channel 9

In this session, in Portuguese, we share on how we explored several technologies and a siren light to create a system called Shut up, I’m on the phone, with which we try to fix the facts of life of working on an open office 😉

For this session we’ve used:

  • 1 Siren light
  • 1 Raspberry pi2
  • 1 Tupperware
  • 1 Breadboard
  • Several small cables
  • SharePoint on Office 365
  • SharePoint app
  • SharePoint list
  • SharePoint API
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Node.JS
  • Windows Phone app
  • Microsoft Band app
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Service Bus Message Queue
  • Azure SQL
  • Push notifications

We had our fun, now back to work 😉