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EUPF United Nations, New York City

blog-PedroAndJoao-EUPF-UN-NYCThis week we’ll be in New York City for the EUPF Seminar at the United Nations and to share on how Smart Governance can help you achieve a lean decision-making ecosystem without sacrificing your hierarchical and corporate governance structures.

We still have some free slots for meeting and demoing during this week, so if you’re interested please click here and let’s try to connect while we’re in NYC 🙂

Smart Governance

Hey North America!

We’ll be touring North America until December 11th, visiting Toronto, Washington DC and Chicago.

We have a lot of new stuff to share and after our meetings in Toronto and DC, we’ll be heading to SharePoint Fest Chicago.

If you’re in Toronto or Washington, DC, and want to improve your Organization’s corporate governance, compliance, hierarchical decision-making processes while attaining a new level of agility, reach out (click here) – we’d love to meet 🙂

If you’re attending SharePoint Fest Chicago, drop by our booth and say «Hi!» 🙂

Smart Governance

Visiting London, UK to present at Future EdTech

Next week we’ll be in London, from June 1st to the 4th to present at Future EdTech, an event for Higher Education Institutions.

Our session is on Jun 2nd 17:05, on the Future EdTech Business Incubator track and is titled: “How to achieve lean-decision making with Smart Governance?”

Universities struggle with many challenges, but the biggest is the rising non-traditional competition.

You’re doing your best but the established organization and its governance do not feel agile enough to keep up with the demand – the worst experience comes when something is proposed for decision, the time that process takes to complete and finally action can be pursued.

Your ideas feel trapped and entangled in the hierarchy and you just know that the amount of resources committed to this jungle of successive ranks, committees, councils and boards must come with a forbidden cost and resource consumption that could be being used in unleashing your collective potential.

The hope of doing something about this and changing this reality is the discussion we wish to engage on. The hope of you doing something about this, breaking free from the status quo and unleashing your potential, is the brainstorm we want to develop with you.

Last century governance practices are shackles and together we can change that.

Come to our session where we will share on how we believe this evolution can start.

Want to learn more about Smart Governance? We still have free slots for meetings on June 1st and 4th, so reach out to us 🙂

We’re looking forward to landing in the UK again 🙂


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North America micro tour

This time we’re visiting the USA and CANADA.

We’ve been having a great week in Miami, FL, where we’ve been visiting and meeting with.

Having a great week in Miami, FL

Next week we’re heading to San Francisco, CA, where we’ll be participating on Microsoft BUILD 2015 and enjoy some time with Partners 🙂

We’ll be at Microsoft BUILD 2015 and enjoy some time with Partners

After San Francisco, we’ll head to Chicago, IL to spread more word on Smart Governance, this time at Microsoft IGNITE – be sure to stop by Booth 17 and ask for Mariana, Daniel and Pedro 🙂
We’re very excited about this event and the fact that we’ll be networking and sharing stories about our Smart Governance product for SharePoint Server (either on premises or in the cloud as IaaS), that also leverages on Office, Skype for Business and Outlook, with a community of 20 000 strong attendees.

At Microsoft IGNITE, be sure to stop by Booth 17 and ask for Mariana, Daniel and Pedro

After Chicago, we’ll have a quick stop in Toronto, ON for some more visiting and meeting.

We’ll have a quick stop in Toronto, ON

In any of these cities and want to learn more about Smart Governance? Reach out to us, we’re friendly and we’re nice people just trying to change the World 🙂

Smart Governance

From Miami, FL to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We just got back from Miami and we’re already on our way to Kuala Lumpur 🙂

We already got the week stacked with Smart Governance presentations, but can always squeeze another one, so reach out to us if you’re curious!

After Kuala Lumpur, we’ll visit Nairobi, Mombasa, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago.

Want to make the most out of your SharePoint and achieve agile hierarchical decision-making and a modern workplace experience both for hierarchical stakeholders and board members? Want Smart Governance to visit your city? Reach out to us 🙂


Enabling a Smart City through Smart Governance

More than ever, competitiveness is of utmost importance for Cities. It is the difference between attracting the right ingredients for an healthy population, thriving economy, or loosing these.

A City must be agile, fast to act, deliver swift reaction when required, sharp and engaging.
A City must be the pulsating living organism that attracts all good that life has to offer to its citizens, a beacon of prosperity and security.

A City must be the living symbol of the potential that each of its citizens can unleash.

Fact is, if you’re lagging on decision making, if you’re not delivering decisions when they’re needed – when you finally do, your actions towards execution will come when it’s too late… and while you keep adding each one of those laggard decisions with their faltering executions happening when relevance is degrading, nothing hurts more the economy of a place than the passage of inconsequent time. While others are going at it and getting to the best piece of the pie.

Ultimately the faster your decision making processes, the better your adaptability ratio is, and hence competitiveness.

So why Smart Governance?

You may throw as much money and resources at it as you wish… if you’re slow deciding, when you finally act the bandwagon has already passed.


Smart City Expo World Congress 2014, Barcelona, Spain

Next week we’ll be re-visiting Barcelona for the Smart City Expo – the key meeting point for experts and leaders of the world’s most innovative cities, companies, research centres, universities and international organisations. 🙂

We’ll be on the Microsoft booth, right in the middle of the exposition area. It’ll be a good opportunity to be with friends again and meet a lot of new people and learn and contribute from and to their experiences.

Our contribution to the event will be on Smart Governance, with Board Meeting Enterprise.

We look forward to connecting with you there 🙂