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Kind words from the COVID-19 front

Not all news during the COVID-19 pandemic are bad 😊

We’re deeply humbled and very thankful for Rita Veloso‘s kind words. Rita is an Executive Member of the Board of Directors at PĂłvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde Hospital Center (Centro Hospitalar Povoa de Varzim – Vila do Conde), an Institution of HEROES who are in the front-line fighting against the coronavirus:

“In the past 2 years, one of the strategic axes for CHPVVC has been the strong and marked bet on a digital culture while involving its workforce and patients, promoting digital literacy in its community which contributed a lot to the reorganization of its departments and the implementation of work from home practices in reaction to this pandemic phase.

Therefore at a time when the rethinking of circuits and ways of working and communicating is critical, it was a necessity for us to guarantee leadership continuity and decision-making at the Board of Directors, in order to assure that the Institution continues to function normally.

Having been aware of the SMART GOVERNANCE solution for this digital management and, if necessary, also remotely, we established a partnership with the company CAVEDIGITAL, which promptly accepted the challenge and made this tool available in only a few days and which would allow us to implement this complex process.

Our experience could not have been any better. The preparation and organization of proposals by the different departments and the digital board meeting itself allowed not only better prior access to information but also its preparation and analysis. The board meeting has become much more agile and the time needed has been substantially reduced compared to the previous format (using paper documents and manual deliberations). It also allowed for the meeting to occur without requiring physical presence in the same room whenever it’s necessary. Another great advantage was the automatic registration of the deliberations in the minutes document and digitally signing it, rendering the whole process more transparent and secure.

The whole experience exceeded by far our expectations and for which we are very much grateful at a stage when our People need even more of each one of us.”

Rita Veloso, Executive Member of the Board of Directors, PĂłvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde Hospital Center

All our team is profoundly moved by Rita’s testimony and we’re grateful for having been given the opportunity to contribute.

Push Forward.

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Smart Governance @MoneyConf 2018, Dublin, Ireland

Why should the rest of the World’s Financial Sector be left out?

Already more than 51% of the Portuguese Financial Market is worked by SMART GOVERNANCE customers, thriving with competitiveness and empowered by faster and more compliant decisions.

Are you attending MoneyConf 2018?

We’ll be exhibiting on June 13th at booth G-101. Stop by and say «hi!», we’ll be happy to share a demo with you 🙂

If the Portuguese are actively fighting the paralysis-by-analysis phenomena and on their process of digital transformation into the Financial Industry 4.0, why shouldn’t you be doing the same for your Organization?

Not attending, but in Dublin?

Wish to learn more about SMART GOVERNANCE and explore it’s capabilities? Request your meeting while we’re in Dublin, Ireland from June 11th to the 14th.


SMART GOVERNANCE is the most complete enterprise governance management solution for decision-making ecosystems, supporting your chain of command decision-making processes, including power of authority conditional rules, and multiple board, committee, council and assembly meetings, allowing for greater agility in the decision-making process while eliminating the physical paper clutter (or the email nightmare) and its logistics, time and resource consumption.

Additionally, SMART GOVERNANCE also supports multi-organizational/conglomerate scenarios.

Last but not least, because corporate governance is not agenda management.

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We’re hiring: Executive Support Officer

Executive Support Officer

We’re hiring for our Lisbon, Portugal office team.

Smart Governance is the most complete enterprise solution for decision-making ecosystems, supporting hierarchical decision-making processes and multiple board, committee, council and assembly meetings, allowing for greater agility in the decision-making process while eliminating the physical paper clutter and its logistics, time and resource consumption.
You can learn more about Smart Governance on its website.

Role description

The Executive Support Officer purpose is to be responsible for the provision of confidential secretarial, administrative support and event/project based services that contribute to achieving the business goals and the effective management of the company, while freeing Management Execs and Operational teams from these tasks to focus on pursuing the collective success.

If you’ve seen the tv show Suits, the personality, intellect and work ethics of someone like Donna Paulsen and Gretchen Bodinski.

Reporting and Working Relationships

The Executive Support Officer is responsible for providing executive support to the Partners and Senior Leadership Team plus other administrative duties as required.

The Executive Support Officer also liaises frequently with other employees within the company, as well as other external entities.


  • Work in a debt-free, solid, Founder lead company;
  • Relaxed & informal office environment;
  • Access to latest technology in a tech culture, as geek as it can get;
  • Direct contact with senior team;
  • Being part of an international strategy.

Skills and know-how requirements

The Executive Support Officer should be competent in:

  • Communicating clearly, both verbally and in writing, in a professional environment.
  • Developing and maintaining sound working relationships with people at all levels and maintaining confidentiality in dealing with issues of a sensitive or personal nature.
  • Contributing to a relaxed and healthy work environment.
  • Working autonomously, use sound judgement and set priorities to achieve business objectives and deadlines, particularly whilst working under pressure or when supporting staff abroad.
  • Providing confidential executive assistance and administrative support services to Partners and Senior Management.
  • Using proficiently Microsoft Office software (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Conducting efficient office management and administrative procedures, practices and managing records.
  • Communicating proficiently Portuguese and English both verbally and in writing.
  • Pursuing and ensuring meeting scheduling for Partners and Senior Management with external entities.

Typical work activities and responsibilities of the Executive Support Officer

  • Support Business Development initiatives, procedures and document authoring.
  • Deliver high standard executive support to the Partners and Senior Leadership Team, including daily calendar management and associated activities, coordination and control of meetings, agendas, documentation authoring and preparation.
  • Administrative support to other employees in co-working scenarios, including researching and drafting responses to customer queries, provide advice on administrative standards and procedures, setup itineraries, logistics, travel and accommodation.
  • Develop, implement and maintain effective and confidential office management practices, procedures and standards.
  • Maintain a confidential filling system and effective management of records.
  • Undertake assigned complex administrative projects and tasks that require the development and achievement of objectives.
  • Ensure highest standards of customer service to our customers and other external entities.

Interested? Write us on how you believe you can contribute and don’t forget to attach your CV:

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EUPF United Nations, New York City

blog-PedroAndJoao-EUPF-UN-NYCThis week we’ll be in New York City for the EUPF Seminar at the United Nations and to share on how Smart Governance can help you achieve a lean decision-making ecosystem without sacrificing your hierarchical and corporate governance structures.

We still have some free slots for meeting and demoing during this week, so if you’re interested please click here and let’s try to connect while we’re in NYC 🙂

Smart Governance

Hey North America!

We’ll be touring North America until December 11th, visiting Toronto, Washington DC and Chicago.

We have a lot of new stuff to share and after our meetings in Toronto and DC, we’ll be heading to SharePoint Fest Chicago.

If you’re in Toronto or Washington, DC, and want to improve your Organization’s corporate governance, compliance, hierarchical decision-making processes while attaining a new level of agility, reach out (click here) – we’d love to meet 🙂

If you’re attending SharePoint Fest Chicago, drop by our booth and say «Hi!» 🙂

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Visiting London, UK to present at Future EdTech

Next week we’ll be in London, from June 1st to the 4th to present at Future EdTech, an event for Higher Education Institutions.

Our session is on Jun 2nd 17:05, on the Future EdTech Business Incubator track and is titled: “How to achieve lean-decision making with Smart Governance?”

Universities struggle with many challenges, but the biggest is the rising non-traditional competition.

You’re doing your best but the established organization and its governance do not feel agile enough to keep up with the demand – the worst experience comes when something is proposed for decision, the time that process takes to complete and finally action can be pursued.

Your ideas feel trapped and entangled in the hierarchy and you just know that the amount of resources committed to this jungle of successive ranks, committees, councils and boards must come with a forbidden cost and resource consumption that could be being used in unleashing your collective potential.

The hope of doing something about this and changing this reality is the discussion we wish to engage on. The hope of you doing something about this, breaking free from the status quo and unleashing your potential, is the brainstorm we want to develop with you.

Last century governance practices are shackles and together we can change that.

Come to our session where we will share on how we believe this evolution can start.

Want to learn more about Smart Governance? We still have free slots for meetings on June 1st and 4th, so reach out to us 🙂

We’re looking forward to landing in the UK again 🙂


Smart Governance

The needle in the haystack

It’s fairly common to meet with Organizations who are tackling problems as they are individually surfaced. This approach, although well intentioned, ends up creating a new set of problems, both technical and procedural, that will add up to the starting point.

Inevitably, you’ll end up with isolated information silos, a myriad of multiple different tech skills to master and a multitude of procedures, tools and systems that don’t really talk to each other. Big NO NO!

A different perspective will challenge you to adopt an holistic approach and implement measures, tools, procedures and systems to enable better efficiencies and drive disruptive efficacy by strategically rolling out a roadmap that aims for an end-to-end solution.

enable better efficiencies and drive disruptive efficacy by strategically rolling out a roadmap that aims for an end-to-end solution

You don’t need to eat the elephant in one single bite, but at least make sure you know what an elephant is and that you’re able to clearly map how you’ll deal with it over time. Chomp chomp chomp chomp 😉

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Visiting Nairobi, Kenya with Smart Governance

This week we’re traveling to Nairobi, Kenya to share how Smart Governance can be impactful and drive change on your Organization by rendering decision making processes paperless, modernizing the decision makers’ and board members’ experience and enabling an agile corporate governance practice that involves all stakeholders in the hierarchies to drive healthier results.

If your entire Organization could be way much faster deciding and getting into action, wouldn’t you do it?

BOARD MEETING Enterprise, Smart Governance

The fight for transparency

We often visit customers struggling to keep up with compliance, fighting their way to transparency.

Our words will be blunt and assertive on this topic.

Paper will never allow for true compliance and transparency – it’s impractical.
There are no shortcuts: no Smart Governance, no transparency.

Either you tackle it where it has to be tackled, or you’ll continue to waste time, money and resources… and worse, inhibiting potential.


Enabling a Smart City through Smart Governance

More than ever, competitiveness is of utmost importance for Cities. It is the difference between attracting the right ingredients for an healthy population, thriving economy, or loosing these.

A City must be agile, fast to act, deliver swift reaction when required, sharp and engaging.
A City must be the pulsating living organism that attracts all good that life has to offer to its citizens, a beacon of prosperity and security.

A City must be the living symbol of the potential that each of its citizens can unleash.

Fact is, if you’re lagging on decision making, if you’re not delivering decisions when they’re needed – when you finally do, your actions towards execution will come when it’s too late… and while you keep adding each one of those laggard decisions with their faltering executions happening when relevance is degrading, nothing hurts more the economy of a place than the passage of inconsequent time. While others are going at it and getting to the best piece of the pie.

Ultimately the faster your decision making processes, the better your adaptability ratio is, and hence competitiveness.

So why Smart Governance?

You may throw as much money and resources at it as you wish… if you’re slow deciding, when you finally act the bandwagon has already passed.