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Visiting Nairobi, Kenya with Smart Governance

This week we’re traveling to Nairobi, Kenya to share how Smart Governance can be impactful and drive change on your Organization by rendering decision making processes paperless, modernizing the decision makers’ and board members’ experience and enabling an agile corporate governance practice that involves all stakeholders in the hierarchies to drive healthier results.

If your entire Organization could be way much faster deciding and getting into action, wouldn’t you do it?


Enabling a Smart City through Smart Governance

More than ever, competitiveness is of utmost importance for Cities. It is the difference between attracting the right ingredients for an healthy population, thriving economy, or loosing these.

A City must be agile, fast to act, deliver swift reaction when required, sharp and engaging.
A City must be the pulsating living organism that attracts all good that life has to offer to its citizens, a beacon of prosperity and security.

A City must be the living symbol of the potential that each of its citizens can unleash.

Fact is, if you’re lagging on decision making, if you’re not delivering decisions when they’re needed – when you finally do, your actions towards execution will come when it’s too late… and while you keep adding each one of those laggard decisions with their faltering executions happening when relevance is degrading, nothing hurts more the economy of a place than the passage of inconsequent time. While others are going at it and getting to the best piece of the pie.

Ultimately the faster your decision making processes, the better your adaptability ratio is, and hence competitiveness.

So why Smart Governance?

You may throw as much money and resources at it as you wish… if you’re slow deciding, when you finally act the bandwagon has already passed.


Changing the World with Smart Governance

One of the global challenges that Organizations and Cities worldwide face today is to get more out of their current resources.

While some areas of the organizations are easily targeted to peak efficiency, others tend to continue to be neglected or forgotten.

Governance is one of these areas.

Transitioning from established centuries old governance practices and procedures that have been in use for what it seems now… forever…, into more modern, streamlined and agile governance practices, that provide compliance, transparency and on-the-go mobile experience can have a tremendous impact on efficiency and budget savings for any organization, private or public.

Shortening decision making processes and improving the quality of decisions is critical for an impactful presence on the nowadays World. Your Organization cannot afford to be bleeding agility and resources on each single decision that has to happen.

Board Meeting Enterprise can help your Organization on this transition, while finding new ways to free more time and consume less resources.
And with this, we’re glad to be contributing to change the World, one Board Meeting at a time 🙂