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On our way to Microsoft Inspire #MSInspire #SmartGovernance

And we’re on our merry way to Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas.

Looking forward to meeting our Partners and learn more about what’s coming and going, as staying up to date and exploring new ideas, tech and concepts is of utmost importance to our Customers, our Partners and our business, with direct and constant impact on our product roadmap definition.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to meet while we’re in Las Vegas this week.

Smart Governance

Smart Governance @ Microsoft Inspire, Washington, DC

From July 9th to the 14th, Smart Governance executives will be in Washington, DC, attending Microsoft Ignite and sharing digital corporate governance lead practices while in town.

The Microsoft technology stack and ecosystem, and the increasing concerns with the need to modernize and evolve Corporate Governance, positions Smart Governance as the right choice to fix and modernize traditionally heavy hierarchical processes and Corporate Governance structures.

Reduce and control your risks while staying compliant, pursue ubiquity, transparency, security, reputation and confidentiality, and become a true 21st century organization in an effortless way by achieving lean digital decision-making processes with Smart Governance.

Washington, DC, will be our second home this week.
Want to know more? Reach out to and let’s meet while we’re in town!