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Smart Governance @MoneyConf 2018, Dublin, Ireland

Why should the rest of the World’s Financial Sector be left out?

Already more than 51% of the Portuguese Financial Market is worked by SMART GOVERNANCE customers, thriving with competitiveness and empowered by faster and more compliant decisions.

Are you attending MoneyConf 2018?

We’ll be exhibiting on June 13th at booth G-101. Stop by and say «hi!», we’ll be happy to share a demo with you 🙂

If the Portuguese are actively fighting the paralysis-by-analysis phenomena and on their process of digital transformation into the Financial Industry 4.0, why shouldn’t you be doing the same for your Organization?

Not attending, but in Dublin?

Wish to learn more about SMART GOVERNANCE and explore it’s capabilities? Request your meeting while we’re in Dublin, Ireland from June 11th to the 14th.


SMART GOVERNANCE is the most complete enterprise governance management solution for decision-making ecosystems, supporting your chain of command decision-making processes, including power of authority conditional rules, and multiple board, committee, council and assembly meetings, allowing for greater agility in the decision-making process while eliminating the physical paper clutter (or the email nightmare) and its logistics, time and resource consumption.

Additionally, SMART GOVERNANCE also supports multi-organizational/conglomerate scenarios.

Last but not least, because corporate governance is not agenda management.

Smart Governance


Imagine how it feels to work in an organization, public or private, where teamwork helps move processes along faster, leadership teams have access to just-in-time information, and documentation is never lost. This perfect scenario describes the collaborative, orderly, paperless, and agile decision-making processes that SMART GOVERNANCE provides.

SMART GOVERNANCE is a software product that automates the entire decision-making ecosystem and, at the same time, enables organizations to embrace industry leading practices for Corporate Governance.

MoneyConf 2017, in Madrid on June 6th and 7th, will set the stage for the launch of SMART GOVERNANCE 2017. This latest version includes a brand-new feature which allows several participants of the same proposal to simultaneously request ad-hoc reviews from colleagues at different hierarchical levels. In addition, SMART GOVERNANCE 2017 also unleashes:

  • an enhanced user experience within board meetings, an agile agenda where information is concisely displayed to the users, prompter access to data and further details included in each proposal – all without compromising the clean and neat interface;
  • hierarchical processes with per-step conditional rules that allow for granular power of authority rules to be configured and enforced;
  • additional granularity for user profiles;
  • an updated touch-friendly user experience, several performance improvements and enhancements throughout the product.

SMART GOVERNANCE has registered for the last 3 (three) years an annual business growth of approximately 30% and its customers collectively employ well over 130 000 people.

Our team is visiting potential customers worldwide and starting to work with the US market through business and technical partnerships, exhibiting at trade shows and actively engaging with potential customers.


For more information please visit our website at or reach out to us at

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