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Hello Seattle

We’re on our way to SharePoint Fest Seattle where we’ll be sharing a lot of new product improvements and additions.

Are you attending SPFest Seattle this week? Stop by our booth #304 to say “Hi!”, learn more about Smart Governance and meet our Founder and Managing Partner and our CBDO.

Also, don’t miss our session:

SOL 09- Achieving top to bottom adoption with SharePoint

Pedro Serrano, Smart Goverance by CAVEDIGITAL

In this session, we’ll share our 13 year old, 100% effective so far, approach for top to bottom adoption using SMART GOVERNANCE for SharePoint, enabling the implementation of heavy hierarchical processes and corporate governance structures and unlocking lean decision-making, even for multi-organizational scenarios.

In Seattle and wish to learn more? Don’t be shy and reach out to us – we still have a few free slots in our schedule!

For a quick product overview, please refer to this short video presentation:

2017 - SG intro video thumb

Academic Research, Smart Governance


On June 12th, Nova SBE and CAVEDIGITAL signed an Academic Research Partnership to study the short, medium and long-term impacts of SMART GOVERNANCE in customers and how these organizations are being impacted with the adoption of leading corporate governance practices.

The partnership between these two institutions leverages on the common shared-values of innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, continuous improvement and lead practices on corporate governance and digital transformation, and Nova SBE’s Consultancy Labs capabilities.

2017 - SG NOVA SBE - signing


SMART GOVERNANCE is a software product, developed by CAVEDIGITAL, which renders entire decision-making ecosystems paperless and agile.

Out-of-box, this includes all hierarchical decision-making processes and the corporate governance processes (committee meetings, leadership team meetings, board of directors meetings, and other corporate governance meetings) – all in one streamlined process, and on a single platform. When proposals achieve a decision, these can then be forwarded for execution to the relevant stakeholders in the organization.

Additionally, multi-organizational decision-making ecosystems are also supported (e.g.: parent company and subsidiaries, city council and city agencies, ministry and government agencies, etc.).

SMART GOVERNANCE helps organizations implement lead practices on their decision-making processes, while empowering with collaboration and still being able to handle a high volume of complex hierarchical and corporate governance structures.

Also, achieving transparency, compliance, auditability and accountability is key so these organizations are not opaque to their Leadership Teams, who gain access to real time information and agile cross-organization processes.

For a quick product overview, please refer to this short video presentation:
2017 - SG intro video thumb


Consulting Labs offer companies the opportunity of working with students graduating from Nova SBE Masters Programs in consulting projects.

Teams of students develop the projects during three months. A Professor with solid consulting experience ensures the project’s quality:

  • Defining à priori the approach with each client;
  • Recruiting the students through a rigorous process similar to that of a top consulting firm;
  • Supervising the work continuously, with frequent sessions with teams and presence in key interactions with the clients.
  • Focusing on quality, reason why a very limited number of projects is executed each semester.

The Consulting Lab is an opportunity for companies to:

  • Benefit from a consulting service with high quality at very competitive prices;
  • Discover a fertile recruitment ground in NOVA’s talent;
  • Deepen the partnership with NOVA in training of future leaders for our society.

The Consulting Labs are meant for companies that are facing challenges requiring a rigorous, impartial and external perspective, which, if offered by consulting companies would prove too expensive. Our teams, with technical specialized support from NOVA’s Professors and the close coaching from the supervisor, are prepared to develop strategy, operations and organizational projects in different sectors and industries. Our teams, with technical specialized support from NOVA’s Professors and the close coaching from the supervisor, are prepared to develop strategy, operations and organizational projects in different sectors and industries.


Nova SBE (Nova School of Business and Economics) is a leading European school in Economics, Finance, and Management.

This higher education institution offers top ranked Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, MBA, and Executive Education programs, such as the 14th Master in Finance and 17th Master in Management (FT worldwide ranking).

Additionally, Nova SBE is the only academic institution in Portugal holding 5 Eduniversal Palms and the status of Universal Business School with strong global influence.

Nova SBE’s distinctive offer is the result of:

  • Strong international tenure track faculty;
  • Leadership in research;
  • Close corporate and international connections;
  • Emphasis on leading edge issues such as entrepreneurship, innovation and digital transformations.

Being a multicultural school, Nova SBE develops top global talent for companies and entrepreneurship, while achieving 100% placement in 50 countries.

In the short-term, Nova SBE will move to a new spacious and comfortable campus on the Lisbon Coast:

  • Enabling state-of-the-art teaching methods;
  • Motivating interactions;
  • Providing a sea-side lifestyle.


Founded in 2000, CAVEDIGITAL is a software house that has been helping Leadership Teams in enterprises to digitally transform their organizations with SMART GOVERNANCE for more than a decade.

From the get-go, on a XXI century culture, CAVEDIGITAL has been repeatedly awarded as a good practice for Public Administration Modernization and featured in several international events and conferences.

Debt-free and founder led, CAVEDIGITAL operates under high confidential and security standards, while keeping a very low employee turnover, ensuring serious stability and long-term positioning for customers and business partners.

CAVEDIGITAL has registered for the last 3 years an average annual business growth of +30% and its customers collectively employ well over 130 000 people.


Smart Governance

The Paralysis-by-Analysis Epidemic: evolving the Financial Sector by starting at the top.

For years, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions have thrived because of their hierarchies and heavy corporate governance structures which operate under a tight regulatory grip. Slow decision-making was a natural consequence of this but created a safe environment. This also led to lower and lower adapting capabilities to make necessary changes in today’s rapid changing environment and in turn impacted overall resilience.

The 2008 financial crisis has shaken the entire financial services industry, eroding consumers’ confidence.

To repair the financial sector reputation, financial regulators have intensified the economic and compliance requirements. Maintaining conformity with these more demanding new policies builds pressure on the competitiveness of the organization if it doesn’t have the capabilities to stay compliant. The situation can become even more problematic in financial conglomerate scenarios, increasing severity and magnitude of paralysis-by-analysis impact on these cross-organizational hierarchical processes and corporate governance ecosystems.

To succeed in such reality, financial services need to become organizations where collaboration, compliance, security and agility are the drivers for enabling a lean organization that thrives on its current ever changing environment.

Moreover, ubiquity and accountability are key to survival, leaving today’s conglomerates resources stretched.

In order to achieve a new level of maturity, while gaining distance from the bottom line, leadership must steer their organizations to lean capacity, an agile-first culture and proper governance.

With SMART GOVERNANCE, the treatment and cure for paralysis-by-analysis, financial conglomerates can effortlessly achieve lean decision-making ecosystems, covering hierarchical structures with power of authority rules, and the corporate governance structures (the several different committees, the leadership team and the board of directors), acting as the central nervous system of every single organization and enabling hierarchical communication between organizations of the group.

Not only that, but the collaborative process to author a proposal that occurs prior to any submission for approval can be executed in SMART GOVERNANCE, enabling co-editing scenarios that spur agility and stimulate heightened culture towards collaboration.

Additionally, by capturing the process, who participated, and what steps were taken, you instill a collective consciousness for responsibility and accountability, complemented by just in time search and access to information.

Last but not least, any corporate governance body, either a committee, the leadership team or the board of directors, can run their meetings digitally, participating in this decision-making ecosystem as part of the process.

Once a decision is achieved, its proposal can then be forwarded for execution, clearly communicating who’s responsible for executing this decision and when. This generates a workflow task that allows the assigned employee to report back when its execution is satisfied.

With this, the decision-making ecosystem maintains a long-term secure and auditable record that empowers your organization to grow beyond the short-term decisions.

With SMART GOVERNANCE, financial services companies are apt to decide faster and to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace. Organizations are no longer opaque to their Leadership Teams, who become empowered with real time information and agile cross-organization processes.

Using SMART GOVERNANCE, you can leverage on technology to run a conglomerate compliant, auditable, accountable, and that is fast, mobile, lean, nimble, and competitive while seizing a higher efficiency potential.

By deploying SMART GOVERNANCE on MICROSOFT AZURE, financial conglomerates are able to take advantage of cloud capabilities such as rapid infrastructure deployment for faster time-to-production, maximizing availability and geo-redundancy, security, scalability and elasticity while staying compliant with the highest global standards.

Not only for disaster recovery scenarios, it is relevant to emphasize the role MICROSOFT AZURE plays when in geo-redundant deployments, augmenting resiliency and mission criticality readiness.

If you feel your organization is struggling with Paralysis-By-Analysis and would like to do something about it, learn more about SMART GOVERNANCE and how we’ve been helping our financial sector customers (and in other industries) to evolve to their next stage of maturity and competitiveness, just reach out to us at for a demo or check our website, facebook page, twitter and Instagram.

Smart Governance

Smart Governance @ Microsoft Inspire, Washington, DC

From July 9th to the 14th, Smart Governance executives will be in Washington, DC, attending Microsoft Ignite and sharing digital corporate governance lead practices while in town.

The Microsoft technology stack and ecosystem, and the increasing concerns with the need to modernize and evolve Corporate Governance, positions Smart Governance as the right choice to fix and modernize traditionally heavy hierarchical processes and Corporate Governance structures.

Reduce and control your risks while staying compliant, pursue ubiquity, transparency, security, reputation and confidentiality, and become a true 21st century organization in an effortless way by achieving lean digital decision-making processes with Smart Governance.

Washington, DC, will be our second home this week.
Want to know more? Reach out to and let’s meet while we’re in town!

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Expanding the team, we’re hiring: Software Developer

Smart Governance Software Developer (.NET, C#)

Our New Business & Product Group team is growing and we’re hiring for our Lisbon, Portugal office.

Smart Governance is the most complete enterprise solution for decision-making ecosystems, supporting hierarchical decision-making processes and multiple board, committee, council and assembly meetings, allowing for greater agility in the decision-making process while eliminating the physical paper clutter and its logistics, time and resource consumption.
You can learn more about Smart Governance on its website.

In case you didn’t knew already, a Software Developer makes software for the world to use. The work of a Software Developer includes researching, designing, coding, implementing, and testing software. A Software Developer will likely take part in design, implementing proof of concepts, computer programming and participate on the management of the projects to see them to fruition.

This person job is to work solo or in team to develop competitive and performant code that provides quality with the best modern user experience – contributing with wit, craftsmanship and engineering skills to augment and continuously evolve our SMART GOVERNANCE.

The primary role of the Software Developer is to design, plan, develop and implement software that performs with quality and delivers a modern experience to its users, enhancing and augmenting the product to make it competitive and attractive.


  • Work in a debt-free, solid, Founder lead company;
  • Relaxed & informal office environment;
  • Tech culture, as geek as it can get;
  • Direct contact with senior team;
  • Participation in Microsoft early-adoption programs;
  • Being part of an international strategy;
  • Directly influence the product roadmap;
  • Access to Microsoft Band2, Raspberry Pi2 and LattePanda kits.

Skills and know-how requirements

The Software Developer should be capable of debugging, fixing, testing and writing new code on the following languages:

  • C#;
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Node.JS;
  • REST, JSON, webservices in general;
  • T-SQL;
  • ASP.NET WebForms;

The Software Developer should be knowledgeable in the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Windows Server;
  • Microsoft SharePoint;
  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Microsoft Azure;
  • Microsoft Visual Studio;
  • Active Directory;
  • IIS;
  • PowerShell;
  • Web Application and how to troubleshoot it.

The Software Developer should also be able to communicate on the following languages:

  • Portuguese and English speaking and writing and good communication skills.

Typical work activities and responsibilities of the Software Developer

Responsibilities and tasks vary from project to project, but overall the Software Developer may typically be involved in:

  • designing software development strategies, procedures and methods;
  • After correctly understanding the business requirements, plan, architect, develop and implement software;
  • respond to software faults;
  • diagnosing and troubleshooting breakdown problems;
  • reacting fast to incidents and be prepared to do some serious duct-tape programing to save the day;
  • fitting new custom development code and making sure software is working correctly;
  • carrying out quality inspections on environments;
  • liaising with client departments, customers, other suppliers and other engineering and production colleagues;
  • developing tools, scripts, software applications to expedite projects implementation;
  • dealing with emergencies, unplanned problems and repairs;
  • improving production environments’ security and reliability policies and procedures;
  • working with specialist equipment and software – as geek as it gets;
  • writing development strategies to help with faster time-to-market implementations and commissioning guidelines;
  • ensuring there is continuous cover of the software and production environments in case of breakdowns;
  • actively contribute to influence and evolve the software product roadmap;
  • actively contribute to customer satisfaction and positive perception of return of investment.

Interested? Write us on how you believe you can contribute and don’t forget to attach your CV:

Smart Governance


Imagine how it feels to work in an organization, public or private, where teamwork helps move processes along faster, leadership teams have access to just-in-time information, and documentation is never lost. This perfect scenario describes the collaborative, orderly, paperless, and agile decision-making processes that SMART GOVERNANCE provides.

SMART GOVERNANCE is a software product that automates the entire decision-making ecosystem and, at the same time, enables organizations to embrace industry leading practices for Corporate Governance.

MoneyConf 2017, in Madrid on June 6th and 7th, will set the stage for the launch of SMART GOVERNANCE 2017. This latest version includes a brand-new feature which allows several participants of the same proposal to simultaneously request ad-hoc reviews from colleagues at different hierarchical levels. In addition, SMART GOVERNANCE 2017 also unleashes:

  • an enhanced user experience within board meetings, an agile agenda where information is concisely displayed to the users, prompter access to data and further details included in each proposal – all without compromising the clean and neat interface;
  • hierarchical processes with per-step conditional rules that allow for granular power of authority rules to be configured and enforced;
  • additional granularity for user profiles;
  • an updated touch-friendly user experience, several performance improvements and enhancements throughout the product.

SMART GOVERNANCE has registered for the last 3 (three) years an annual business growth of approximately 30% and its customers collectively employ well over 130 000 people.

Our team is visiting potential customers worldwide and starting to work with the US market through business and technical partnerships, exhibiting at trade shows and actively engaging with potential customers.


For more information please visit our website at or reach out to us at

You can download a printable version of this press release here.

Smart Governance

Best. Year. Ever. …Again.

In 2016 we worked really hard. We’ve been crazy busy.

We’ve visited even more cities than the year before.
We’ve enrolled more Partners than the year before.
We’ve accomplished our very first Smart Governance Worldwide Partner Conference.
We’ve made more product releases than the year before.
We’ve unleashed more innovation than the year before.
We’ve deployed more Smart Governance than the year before.
…and by doing so, we’ve impacted the lives of more people than the year before.

We’ve outdone ourselves, slashing record after record.

The previous year, 2015, had been our best year ever. Had been.

2016 is now our best year ever.

For 2017, we look forward to outdoing ourselves again, one Smart Governance at a time.

Thank you for being there for us.  🙂

Happy New Year!  😉