Smart Governance

Hey North America!

We’ll be touring North America until December 11th, visiting Toronto, Washington DC and Chicago.

We have a lot of new stuff to share and after our meetings in Toronto and DC, we’ll be heading to SharePoint Fest Chicago.

If you’re in Toronto or Washington, DC, and want to improve your Organization’s corporate governance, compliance, hierarchical decision-making processes while attaining a new level of agility, reach out (click here) – we’d love to meet 🙂

If you’re attending SharePoint Fest Chicago, drop by our booth and say «Hi!» 🙂

Partner Program, Smart Governance

North America micro tour

This time we’re visiting the USA and CANADA.

We’ve been having a great week in Miami, FL, where we’ve been visiting and meeting with.

Having a great week in Miami, FL

Next week we’re heading to San Francisco, CA, where we’ll be participating on Microsoft BUILD 2015 and enjoy some time with Partners 🙂

We’ll be at Microsoft BUILD 2015 and enjoy some time with Partners

After San Francisco, we’ll head to Chicago, IL to spread more word on Smart Governance, this time at Microsoft IGNITE – be sure to stop by Booth 17 and ask for Mariana, Daniel and Pedro 🙂
We’re very excited about this event and the fact that we’ll be networking and sharing stories about our Smart Governance product for SharePoint Server (either on premises or in the cloud as IaaS), that also leverages on Office, Skype for Business and Outlook, with a community of 20 000 strong attendees.

At Microsoft IGNITE, be sure to stop by Booth 17 and ask for Mariana, Daniel and Pedro

After Chicago, we’ll have a quick stop in Toronto, ON for some more visiting and meeting.

We’ll have a quick stop in Toronto, ON

In any of these cities and want to learn more about Smart Governance? Reach out to us, we’re friendly and we’re nice people just trying to change the World 🙂


Busy week in Portugal, Mexico and Canada

We’ll be visiting Mexico City on October, 15th and 16th for the Microsoft CityNext Mexico ISO18091 Workshop, so if you’ll be around, let’s get in touch 🙂

Simultaneously, we’ll be travelling to Toronto, ONTARIO for meetings on October, 17th and to St. Andrews by-the-sea, NEW BRUNSWICK on October, 18th for the ERDI Fall 2014 where we’ll present with our Canadian Board Meeting Partner: MindShare. Naturally, if you’d like to connect on any of these locations, please do reach out to us 🙂

Last but not least, there’s also a lot happening in Portugal, so if you’re into Smart Governance and agile decision making, ping us!

Let’s change the World, one Board Meeting at a time 😉


Toronto is such a great place :)

While waiting for our flight to return home we couldn’t help but reflect on the amazing week we had in Toronto while visiting as part of the Portuguese Deputy Prime Minister trade mission.

Everyone was very welcoming and eager to listen and exchange experiences, with a very healthy attitude. Great meetings that we felt coming out with more than we came in. Always learning.

We can’t help but be excited about the feedback every single person we’ve met gave us about Board Meeting Enterprise. There’s something about the words “there’s nothing like it” that always made us smile 🙂

We will definitely come back – even facing your incoming Winter 🙂

Great place, awesome people in Toronto.