Smart Governance

Visiting London, UK to present at Future EdTech

Next week we’ll be in London, from June 1st to the 4th to present at Future EdTech, an event for Higher Education Institutions.

Our session is on Jun 2nd 17:05, on the Future EdTech Business Incubator track and is titled: “How to achieve lean-decision making with Smart Governance?”

Universities struggle with many challenges, but the biggest is the rising non-traditional competition.

You’re doing your best but the established organization and its governance do not feel agile enough to keep up with the demand – the worst experience comes when something is proposed for decision, the time that process takes to complete and finally action can be pursued.

Your ideas feel trapped and entangled in the hierarchy and you just know that the amount of resources committed to this jungle of successive ranks, committees, councils and boards must come with a forbidden cost and resource consumption that could be being used in unleashing your collective potential.

The hope of doing something about this and changing this reality is the discussion we wish to engage on. The hope of you doing something about this, breaking free from the status quo and unleashing your potential, is the brainstorm we want to develop with you.

Last century governance practices are shackles and together we can change that.

Come to our session where we will share on how we believe this evolution can start.

Want to learn more about Smart Governance? We still have free slots for meetings on June 1st and 4th, so reach out to us 🙂

We’re looking forward to landing in the UK again 🙂



EDUCAUSE 2014, Orlando, FL, U.S.A.: Smart Governance for Higher Education Institutions

In a few hours we’ll be leaving to Orlando, FL, for EDUCAUSE 2014, to share our thoughts on Smart Governance in Higher Ed, and our contribution with our Board Meeting Enterprise.

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference presents a robust, community-generated program that explores today’s toughest IT issues facing higher education.

Higher Ed. RollupIf you’re curious about how we can help Smart Governance adoption with Board Meeting Enterprise on your Higher Education Institution, drop by the Startup Alley – we’ll be fairly easy to spot thanks to our blue Board Meeting rollup.

For you, we’ll have case studies, presentation, demo of our product, a lot of stories from the field and direct contact with the people who define our product roadmap.

blog-bmSurface3ProposalLast but not least, a limited deal opportunity only available for the attendees of EDUCAUSE 2014… Curious?

When the event is finished, we’ll head to Miami for meetings, meetings, meetings – that we also look forward to. If you’re interested in meeting, we still have a few slots available on Friday the 3rd/October.

See you in Florida!