Smart Governance

Another. Record. Breaking. Year.

We want to start this post by thanking you.

Thank you all who work in our  Customers’ Organizations.
Thank you all who place your trust in us and our work.
Thank you all in our families and friends, who kept motivating us and inspiring us to do better.
And last, but not least, thank you all in our team who pushed forward into another record breaking year.

2018 was demanding, hard work, filled with obstacles and difficult turns… But all that adversity was harnessed and turned into opportunity, into growth, into better versions of ourselves and what we do.

We’ve grown our Business Continuity Team by 300%.
We’ve grown our Product Group Team by 400%.
We’ve almost doubled our Yearly Revenue.
We’ve reached crazy brainstorming levels that are making us rethink our approach to office space.
We’ve achieved more product releases than ever.
We’ve deployed more Smart Governance than ever.
…and by doing so, we’re now impacting the lives of even more people than the years before.

And we’re coding in full steam to a new release for early 2019 that will rock the free World 🙂

Passion, grinding and pushing forward allowed us to break stretch goal after stretch goal.

2019. We’re going for it.

Will you join us on this effort to contribute to a better World?